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Narrative Therapy in action.

A Cairns-based counselling service focussing on the use of
Narrative Therapy to assist you in your concerns

Whether you are looking to overcome a specific problem or just looking to be happier in your life, finding the right counsellor is an important step.
You know you have found the right counsellor when you feel comfortable, safe, respected and you have a sense of hope  that things can change.


If you are ready to take action, go ahead and take the next step and request an appointment, otherwise, take a look around and find out more about the counsellor,
or check out the style of counselling I use.


Feel free to make contact and ask any questions you might need answered before you are ready to make an appointment.

John Bal  

BSc (Hon), RN, Grad Dip (Nurs) Grad Dip (Counselling)     

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Cairns City
Tel: 0409 426 585

Available sessions
  • In office

  • Phone

  • Skype/Facetime

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